Whereas the NAIS Commission on Accreditation (NAIS CoA) held its first meeting in February 2002, in San Francisco, California and became the International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation (ICAISA), which held its first meeting in September 2018, in New Paltz, New York;

Whereas the primary purpose of ICAISA is to strengthen independent school accreditation; and

Whereas the following persons and organizations have made indelible contributions to the many successes of ICAISA.

Be it therefore resolved that the International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation recognizes, applauds, and celebrates...

The NAIS Board of Trustees and Pat Bassett, John Chubb, and Donna Orem for their exceptional vision, leadership, and dedication, serving as Presidents of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), to the independent school community through their commitment to independent school accreditation. The NAIS Board of Trustees assured a future NAIS collaborative relationship with ICAISA by becoming a founding member upon the sunsetting of the Commission on Accreditation.  

Pat Bassett, John Chubb, and Donna Orem substantially supported the purpose, value, and importance of independent school accreditation and each made the founding of ICAISA possible.

Pat Bassett ensured that sustained NAIS funding of the Commission on Accreditation would help build a stronger accreditation process for the independent school community. He believed wholeheartedly that independent school accrediting associations “embrace the diversity and distinctiveness of their member schools and recognize the inherent value of mission, learning and teaching, governance, finance and operations, admissions, and development, among other areas in ways that are generally ignored or misunderstood by the public school-centric regional accrediting agencies.”

John Chubb encouraged Commission members to represent the “best in class” standards of educational excellence and to strengthen independent school leadership.

Donna Orem affirmed the strategic role of accreditation in a healthy and vibrant independent school future and encouraged the Commission’s evolution into ICAISA.

Carolyn Chandler, Jack Creeden, Katherine Dinh, Siri Akal Khalsa, Jim McManus, Doreen Oleson, Eric Temple, and Robert Witt generously served the cause of independent school accreditation through their work on the Commission as members of the NAIS Board of Trustees. Their leadership, council, and advice engendered trust, respect, admiration, and affection among fellow Commissioners and member associations.

William “Bill” Bennett served for 14 years as a member of the Commission on Accreditation representing the New England Association of Schools and Colleges’ Commission on Independent Schools. He was instrumental in drafting the NAIS Commission on Accreditation’s original Operating Protocol, its Criteria for Effective Independent School Accreditation, a thorough and expansive review process, professional report templates, and other essential recognition review documentation. Importantly, he served on numerous Review Committees and edited and reviewed every Review Report during his tenure.

Jefferson Burnett, as NAIS Senior Vice-President and staff representative to the Commission and ICAISA, has been a pivotal member and contributor to the work of both the Commission and ICAISA from their founding. His dedication and commitment to the effective fulfilment of the Commission’s and ICAISA’s mission and purpose has been boundless. A devoted colleague, universally respected and beloved, we are eternally grateful for his efforts and care.

CRANE of Atlanta, Georgia, has provided exceptionally gifted professional services to ICAISA. To foster a successful launch of the newly formed ICAISA, CRANE professionals, notably principal Shelly W. Peters, led numerous sessions to assist Council members in discovering our best positioning language and surfacing the “beautifully compelling story of our work, already embedded within our organization.” Their guidance helped us to establish a tagline that is a “real and resonant” representation of our work:  Inspiring Transformation, Upholding Excellence. Joanna Duryea created a meaningful and chic logo featuring two intersecting waves, connoting the integration of ICAISA’s members and all that they do on behalf of their schools. CRANE’s talented team and care for our success will serve ICAISA for years to come, and we are grateful.

Kawai Lai, artist, educator, and innovator who is passionate about creating visual tools that help educators and students “make sense of our complex world by using the power of their visual minds”, offered ICAISA her unique, creative embellishment of our website Home Page photograph. Kawai Lai “unleashed her visual genius” to personalize the photo with defining features of the organization. She was excited to be a part of launching a new organization, as she understands well from her work as NAIS Vice President of Strategic Innovation, the positive influence ICAISA will have on independent school accreditation across the globe. Thank you for adding fun - and innovation - to our public face!

Finalsite , with a team of 200, has been serving schools for 20 years by providing cutting-edge web technology worldwide. Many of these schools are accredited by ICAISA member associations. ICAISA has enjoyed working with the Finalsite team to customize one of their award-winning theme designs to ICAISA website needs. ICAISA is appreciative of the top-level service and care that Finalsite has lent to an optimal launch.  They define their incredible team as “responsive, knowledgeable, funny, helpful, and kind." This is all absolutely true. Thank you for powering our site, Finalsite.