Formerly NAIS Commission on Accreditation

Mission and Purpose

"NAIS greatly values having been a founding catalyst of ICAISA and recognizes the excellent services that ICAISA member accrediting associations provide to the best independent schools in the US and, indeed, around the world."

Bernie Noe, Chair, NAIS Board of Directors, Head of School, Lakeside School, Seattle Washington


The International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation (ICAISA) is an international authority on independent school accreditation.

The primary purpose of ICAISA is to provide quality assurance and accountability for the accreditation programs of its state, regional, and international independent school member associations.  While the Council establishes and maintains criteria for effective accreditation and conducts formal evaluations of member association accreditation programs, it also values their uniqueness and the diversity of schools accredited.  The Council recognizes differences among member associations in the range of schools served and respects variations in accreditation practice that are consistent with the criteria. 

 ICAISA also examines and assesses the evolving educational environment, and it acts as a catalyst in partnership with associations in navigating significant change, developing innovative practices, and promoting transformative leadership in the accreditation field. The Council provides a vehicle for communication and cooperation among member associations which, themselves, work directly with schools. Ultimately, the work of the Council strengthens independent school education and supports the ongoing improvement of individual schools, while enhancing the learning experiences of their students.