ASSOCIATE MEMBERSICAISA values the opportunity to broaden and deepen its connection to organizations that serve independent and international education.  ICAISA Associate Members bring value to ICAISA by offering specialized expertise to the field of accreditation within an evolving educational landscape.

Becoming an Associate Member of ICAISA provides organizations an opportunity to join in conversations with K-12 accreditors and to increase awareness and understanding of accreditation. Furthermore, Associate Members play an active role in supporting ICAISA in fulfilling our vision to have a transformative impact on the independent and international school landscape by advancing accreditation globally.

International Institute for Restorative Practices
Julia Getty, Instructor

"Working with the ICAISA Network enhances our understanding and deepens our impact"

The mission of the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) Graduate School is to strengthen relationships, support communities, influence social change, and broaden the field of restorative practices by partnering with practitioners, students, and scholars. The IIRP examines, teaches, and develops restorative practices – an evolving social science that looks to effect real change within communities by strengthening relationships and fostering a mutual regard among individuals. In practicing what we teach, we engage with our students, clients, and partners to share concepts and practices that focus on improving community climate and culture by increasing voice, agency, and belonging. As the science of restorative practices grows and evolves, the IIRP is dedicated to being on the forefront: pioneering new concepts, new approaches, and new methods.



Independent School Chairpersons Association
Bethany Di Napoli, Executive Director

ISCA Mission: To support independent school board chairs in becoming effective governance leaders of their boards. ISCA accomplishes this by offering peer support and networking, resources and educational opportunities.

Why Join ICAISA as an Associate Member?
From Associate Member IIRP
"The International Institute for Restorative Practices Graduate School (IIRP) is excited about affiliating with ICAISA as an Associate Member. The IIRP Mission aligns closely with ICAISA's Core Values, especially those of Integrity, Accountability, Inclusivity, and Collaboration. Associate Membership with ICAISA helps to position the IIRP as thought partners in 21st century independent school education, focusing on the development of practices and systems that will support independent school students with the critical personal, civic, and career competencies of authentic relationship and community building. We are looking forward to opportunities to engage directly with K-12 accreditors on topics that are relevant and critical to our work. In ICAISA, we have found a professional network of colleagues who are equally committed to promoting the evolution of young people of all backgrounds into engaged citizens and collaborative leaders. 

Working with the ICAISA network enhances our understanding and deepens our impact."

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